A Boring Day

Hiking tour in Azerbaijan

A Day in Gedabey Paradise[i]

0618 –   No single star in the sky, as it is thick cloudy. Fog settled down. The city light poles are seen blurry.

0645 –   Serving myself pudding for breakfast.

0730 –   Service car is late. But it is snowing lightly.

0805 –   In the site. No problems. Everything is quite as there is nothing going on.

0840 –   Boss showed up! Assigned to be responsible to what site supervisor supposed to do: to SHAPE the slope of the Dam, such a crucial task but not a challenge any more. used to it.

1225 –   It feels like SSDD[ii]. All operators think that they know all about engineering.

It is already [awful!] lunch time. Yehuuuu 🙂

1400 –   Slow start. Still SSDD!

1440 –   The shape of right edge of the Dam slope looks alright :).

The Sun came out and then hid behind of the thin layer of cloud. It is visible => GREAT

Actually, I’m living spring right now in terms of weather. However, bad news is that I see dark clouds far way in the Sky moving towards me :). It is autumn on the way coming in minutes.

1525 –   The Sun is clearly visible, no clouds. The dark clouds are moving away from me in different direction. Additionally, I also feel cold breeze now.

1700 –   The Sun went over other side of the mountain. Amazingly, the Moon is already visible in the east. You could have a look at both of them at the same time in you concentrate real hard the south and the north. Daylight is still there.

1750 –   It is getting colder and darker.

1900 –   It is over. It is dark. It seems that it is all about weather condition today which is only interesting thing.

[i] Notes were taken on December 3, 2012.

[ii] Initials of ‘Same Shit, Different Day’.


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